T. C. Ministry Of Health
İstanbul Ataşehir
Oral and Dental Health Hospital


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:     How can I make an appointment to be examined at your center?

Answer:  You can make an appointment to visit our center by calling 182 on the phone as well as by making an appointment at the    http://hastanerandevu.gov.tr/Randevu/   website of the Central HospitalAppointment System (MHRS).

Question:     How do I get appointments for specialist doctors?

Answer:  You can only appoint an appointment to specialist physicians at 17:00 every day from the internet address of our center http://hastanerandevu.gov.tr/Randevu/

Question:     Can I have a physical examination without my ID?

Answer:  Merkezimizde kimliğiniz yanınızda olmadan muayene olamaz veya herhangi bir tedavi yaptıramazsınız.

Question:     Should we come to an empty stomach when we receive medical examination and treatment?

Reply:  You should definitely come to the stomach when you come to the examinations and treatments to be done at our center. Because after the treatment you will not be allowed to drink anything and you will be advised to eat.

Question:    How can I cancel the appointment I have received?

Answer:  You can cancel the appointment from the website of MHRS or call 182 by calling the website of MHRS or calling 182 before the inspection date.

Question:     How long before the appointment time should I come to the examination?

Answer:  Our patients need to apply to our institution 30 minutes before the appointment time.

Question: Who are the priority patients?


A) Emergency cases (cases where a sudden illness, accident, injury or similar situation and medical intervention is urgently decided by the physician)
B) Disability (Circular no 2010/80),
C) Pregnancies,
D) Older than 65 years old,
E) Children under the age of seven,
F) Widows and orphans of war and duty martyrs,